🇪🇸 Outrage as 12 Catalan separatist leaders’ trial launched in Spain l Al Jazeera English

The trial of 12 Catalan separatist leaders has begun in Spain’s capital Madrid. They could face 25 years in prison if convicted of rebellion and sedition during Catalonia’s failed bid for independence.
Their televised trial, which is expected to last three months, is being seen as deepening the division between national government leaders in Madrid and pro-independents in Barcelona.
This trial, which is the biggest topic on social media in Spain, is bringing up a lot of memories from the referendum in October 2017, during which two million people voted for independence for Catalonia.
The Spanish government, and its security forces, faced allegations of heavy-handedness, both in their handling of the referendum, which Madrid said was illegal, and the way their supporters were treated by police.
Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle has more.

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