🇯🇴 ‘Pro-people policies’ can salvage the Jordanian economy: Jawad Anani

The rising cost of living, economic policies and tax reforms have sparked the biggest protests in years in Jordan.

Jawad Anani, the current chairman of the Amman Stock Exchange says that after six years of austerity measures, Jordan needs to “change the paradigm which we’ve been following so far.”

“The best way is to focus on pro-people policies that would aim and focus on creating economic growth, creating projects, tangibles, deliverables that people can identify with and feel that the government is working for them, it is a people-oriented approach.”

“This is the only approach we can take, and it requires a very strong effort on the part of the Jordanian government, part of the Jordanian people and the private sector. You have to engage the whole population because this is how you create synergy in the society, you restore the spirit.”

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