74-year-old Egyptian set to become the world”s oldest professional football player

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Seventy-four-year-old Egyptian Ezz al-Din Bahader has vowed to set a new Guinness world record as the oldest professional player in the world, a title currently held by an Israeli, Isaak Hayik.

Footage filmed on Friday in Cairo shows Bahader being greeted by players of 6th October club, a Third-tier club he joined recently. He is later officially unveiled as the newest addition to the club.

The coach of 6th of October Football club stressed that the club’s motivation was not to sign in a professional football player but to set a new record.

“Honestly, the point behind this [initiative] is to break a new record and not to play or practice football [professionally].”

He added, “When I accepted this initiative, I was motivated by the fact that the previous Guinness record was broken by an Israeli player, and why not I help an Egyptian national to break the record of an Israeli.”

The oldest active football player registered by Guinness Book of World Records is the Israeli Isaak Hayik, born in 1945.

He played a full Israel Football Association match in April 2019 for Ironi Or Yehuda club as a goalkeeper at the age of 73.

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