A massive breach of privacy in India? – Inside Story

The world’s largest biometric identity card system is in India. And if the government gets its way, ID cards will soon be linked to mobile phones and bank accounts of more than a billion Indians. Government leaders says the Aadhaar system reduces identity theft, corruption and bureacracy.

Opponents say its a taste of ‘big brother’ which violates everyone’s privacy. Some have taken the government to the Supreme Court, which is expected to deliver a verdict by the end of the month.

Judges are being asked why should Indians give the government information in a neat little package?

What if the system was hacked by a malicious group?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Sanjay Kapoor, Editor, ‘Hard News’ magazine.

Alok Prasanna Kumar, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.

Robin Tombs, Founder of digital identity service Yoti.

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