Afghanistan: Families displaced from anti-IS military operations live in dire conditions

Afghan families displaced in eastern Afghanistan since June, due to ongoing joint US and Afghan military operations against the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) in Achin District, were living in dire conditions in footage captured in Ghazi Amanullah Khan Town, Wednesday.

SOT, displaced Afghan woman (Pashto): “The Islamic State and American forces were there and the sounds of the bombardment were very bad. We escaped from the area and now here we don’t have any possibility for a proper life. And we don’t have the ability to find a house.”

SOT, displaced Afghan man (Pashto): “We are from the Achin Mamond valley, we escaped from the war when US forces arrived at Achin and Islamic State militants moved into civilian houses, US forces bombarded everyone, including children, men and women. Our people were strong and escaped from the area and we took our children. Our houses have been destroyed under the bombardment, children and women were killed and wounded from the fire. It was a very bad situation, and now still there are ongoing clashes between US and Afghan forces with IS militants. There are no houses, they’re all destroyed. Some houses were burnt by Islamic State militants and some others were destroyed by US drone attacks.”

SOT, displaced Afghan girl (Pashto): “We were displaced from Mamond Valley of the Achin district. Islamic State militants destroyed our village and now we live in very dire conditions.”

SOT, displaced Afghan girl (Pashto): “Here there are problems of water supply. We fetch the water from a very far distance.”

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