Afghanistan: Hundreds in Achin march against US airstrikes

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Protesters took to the streets of Achin in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province on Friday, to protest against US airstrikes in the region and demand the end of hostilities.

Hundreds of protesters marched through the city streets with banners and flags, chanting against US bombardments and demanding a US troop withdrawal.

People expressed their desire for peace and the end of hostilities between the US, ISIS and the Taliban.

“The people are killed because of ISIS (so-called Islamic State; IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Taliban and US airstrikes,” said Kashmali Gul.

Haji Mohammad, a young protester unable to attend school due to the conflict, said that his house was destroyed during an US airstrike.

“I am here to join this protest to support peace and condemn US airstrikes. We are tired of war. We want peace,” he added.

Last year, the United States stepped up their military operations in Afghanistan to the highest levels since 2014, in an effort to restrain what they claim is a growing Taliban presence in the area.

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