Afghanistan: Protesters march against US airstrikes, demand US withdrawal

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Hundreds of protesters gathered in the Shinwar district of Nangarhar Province in east Afghanistan on Thursday, to protest US airstrikes and demand the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Protesters marched through the streets chanting anti-US slogans and waving flags. The protesters condemned civilian casualties and accused the US of acting against human rights.

“The purpose of this demonstration is to condemn the killing of innocent people by US bombardments across Afghanistan,” Abdul Baset said, adding: “We want the USA to stop killing us. We want the USA to leave Afghanistan. The USA is acting against human rights.”

Last year, the United States stepped up their military operations in Afghanistan to the highest levels since 2014, in an effort to restrain what they claim is a growing Taliban presence in the area.

A United Nations report released in late February revealed that last year was the deadliest for civilians in Afghanistan since 2009, with more civilians being killed in 2018 than in any other year.

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