Anyone for a BUG burger? They might just help save the planet

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A London based company aims to encourage consumers to take a more environmentally friendly approach to eating, by promoting the use of edible insects in cookery. Horizon Edible Insects has developed a burger patty recipe featuring creepy crawlies and is promoting it as a more sustainable source of protein when compared to beef.

Founder Tiziana Di Costanzo farms her own meal worms and crickets, as seen in Ealing on Monday. She was also seen mincing a blend of insects before turning the mixture into a patty and frying it in a pan, before serving it between two garnished buns as a burger.

“Of course they contain vitamins and minerals as well as iron and omega. I mean, especially crickets have got omega three, six and nine. So, that means that if you switch to eating insects you do not have to eat fish again, so that will allow our oceans to replenish as well,” Di Costanzo said.

“Some insects have got a stronger taste, so maybe they are not like ‘starter’ insects because you really, you know, they have a really strong flavour. But crickets, are quite neutral, tasting a bit like shrimps. So if you like shrimps. And if you like popcorn, because they are like a dried popcorn-shrimp,” said the experimental chef, promising that if you try insects “you will be glad you did.”

Horizon Edible Insects also offers ‘grow your own’ kits as well as suggesting recipes for those who want to try adding bugs to their diet and is currently working on bringing insects into restaurant menus.

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