Argentina: Buenos Aires rally demands right to “legal abortion now”

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Hundreds of women gathered outside the National Congress in Buenos Aires on Thursday to demand Argentina legalise abortion, alongside marking the 15th anniversary of the creation of the National Campaign for the Right to Legal Abortion.
The demonstrators, many wearing green scarves, played drums, painted slogans on the pavement, and held banners demanding “Legal Abortion Now”.
“If Alberto Fernandez wants to make it a law, he already has the bill. The bill that has to be discussed in Congress is the bill of the women’s movement and it has a name, it is the bill of the National Campaign for the Right to Abortion,” said Valentina Vigrieca, a protester.
Marina Hidalgo Robles, another protester, said that “when (Alberto) Fernandez spoke about his project, he told us to lower our scarves. Well, evidently he is preparing some concession for the ‘light blue” (pro-life organization)”.
President Alberto Fernández was set to put a decriminalisation bill before Congress in March 2020, but this was stalled by the COVID-19 outbreak.
Abortion is illegal in Argentina, except in cases of rape or if the life of the mother is at risk. Hundreds of thousands of clandestine terminations take place every year.

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