Argentina: Carrefour targeted in protests against high food prices

Thousands of people took to streets in Buenos Aires on Thursday to protest against food insecurity and poverty.

Demonstrators want the government to pass a food-emergency bill handing social welfare payments to those most affected.

A brand of French supermarket giant Carrefour in the Avellaneda district of the capital was targeted by protesters.

They denounced what the government’s “null response” to increasing hunger and poverty in the country.

“Today we have come here to this French economic octopus, which has a lot to do with inflation and the formation of prices, to tell them to intervene as partners in the critical situation that we’re we having,” said one of the activists.

Amid the difficult economic situation in Argentina, President Mauricio Macri’s reached a $50 billion (€42.75 billion) rescue package agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The measures, designed to boost market confidence, have come under harsh criticism as many believe that they will only harm workers and result in increased inflation.

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