Argentina: Congress committee releases report into sunken submarine

An investigation committee set up by the Argentinian legislative branch into the tragic implosion of ARA San Juan submarine released its findings in a press briefing in Buenos Aires on Thursday.

“The hypothesis that the submarine was attacked by a foreign warship, that it was attacked by a fishing vessel, or that it was found performing secret tasks outside jurisdictional waters is discarded,” said Secretary of Congress’ bicameral commission in a briefing attended by the relatives of the 44 victims of the submarine incident.

According to the investigations, a fire in the submarine’s battery tank had grown out of control causing the submarine to sink to the seafloor where it imploded.

The ARA San Juan and its crew of 44 went missing on November 15 2017, shortly after reporting an electrical malfunction. It was 480km (380 miles) off the coast of Argentina, en route from Ushuaia to its base in Mar del Plata.

Officials confirmed the ARA San Juan submarine was uncovered at a depth of 907m (2,975 feet) below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean a year after its disappearance.

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