Argentina: Former President Cristina Kirchner arrives for corruption trial

The first corruption trial against former President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner kicked off in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, a few days after she announced she would be running as vice-president in the upcoming national elections on October 27.

This trial marks the first of a total of 12 cases of alleged corruption against Cristina Kirchner, who is accused of accepting bribes from business people.

Members of her former cabinet such as former Minister Axel Kicillof attended the hearing, while dozens of protesters rallied outside the court in her support.

“I’m always saying she gave us the chance, as workers, to work well and have dignity,” said Silvia Carrizo.

Sixteen people were arrested in August in connection with the allegations, while Kirchner’s houses were raided twice by police. The former president denies the allegations and claims she is being targeted by her political rivals.

A few days earlier Kirchner announced she was running as the vice-president of Alberto Fernandez, who served as chief of cabinet in the government of Nestor Kirchner, Cristina’s predecessor and late husband.

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