Argentina: Health workers scuffle with anti-lockdown demonstrators at Buenos Aires rally

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Health workers demanding better protection and working conditions scuffled with anti-lockdown protesters in Buenos Aires on Saturday.

Police interfered as rival groups faced off near the Obelisk, Argentina’s national monument.

“We are demanding that they take care of the health of the health personnel and that the resources arrive on time and are sufficient,” said Estela Toledo, a doctor.

While Matias Rubio, another demonstrator, demanded the end of the quarantine decreed by the government 70 days saying: “It is irrational what is being done. One thing is a health measure and another thing is to deprive the whole nation of its freedom.

Argentina has recorded 16,214 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 528 deaths linked to the disease, according to data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University.

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