Argentina: Hundreds turn out for ‘World March Against Monsanto’ in Buenos Aires

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Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Buenos Aires on Saturday as part of the

‘World March Against Monsanto’ protests.

Footage shows demonstrators gathered in the Plaza San Martin in the centre of the capital, some wearing beekeeper costumes while others hold banners and flags that decry the use of toxic agrochemicals.

One protester said “in Argentina, more than 400 million litres of agrochemicals are being used annually and they are literally poured onto the heads of people who live in rural areas.”

Another said “we are fumigating over the rural area over schools over the children, we are polluting the water, the soil, the air and we are contaminating ourselves.”

The World March Against Monsanto has taken place in over 300 cities around the world in protest against the agriculture products made by the US-based Monsanto Group.

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