Argentina: Protesters light fires, beat up church supporters, in demo against gender violence

A protest against sexist violence was held near Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, on Saturday, saw people set fire to objects, throw projectiles at the cathedral and beat up two men who spoke out in favour of the Catholic church.

The small group broke away from the main demonstration, where thousands gathered in central Buenos Aires to demand justice for numerous women who have been the victims of gender-based violence.

Many held images and signs that depicted women such as 26 year old Suhene Carvalhaes Munoz, who was violently beaten by her fiance in 2014, succombing to her injuries, after extended hospitalisation, the following year.

The protest group “Ni Una Menos” (Not one less) argue that the Argentinian state is responsible for the the femicide epidemic in the country, and are calling for a stronger response from the authorities against gender-based violence.

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