Armenia: Opposition supporters blockade Yerevan streets and metro stations

Thousands of opposition supporters brought a number of Yerevan’s streets and metro stations to a halt on Monday in protest against the nomination of former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan as candidate for prime minister.

The Yeritasardakan and Republic Square metro stations were blocked, while bins, benches and cars were used to prevent access to a number of the capital’s central streets.

Protesters also reportedly broke into the Yerevan State Base Medical College, calling on students to join the demonstration.

Last week, board members of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) unilaterally approved the candidacy of Serzh Sargsyan for the post of prime minister.

Mass rallies started on April 14, when about 15,000 people took to Freedom Square in Yerevan. The opposition believe that Sargsyan plans to stay in power indefinitely.

Parliament is to vote on the candidacy of the prime minister on April 17.

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