Austria: FPO politician creates ‘Ten Commandments of Immigration’ for asylum seekers

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Freedom Party of Austria politician, and minister in the state government of Lower Austria, Gottfried Waldhaeusl, presented a list of ‘Ten Commandments’ for asylum seekers to follow, in St Polten on Thursday.

The document which will be handed to and signed by asylum seekers alongside other important documents when they arrive in Austria, includes rules on gender equality, taking responsibility, learning the German language, solving conflicts without violence and being grateful to Austria for the right to stay there, among others.

Speaking at an interview the politician explained: “I could have called it ‘7 golden rules’ but we live in the Christian Occident and because of our culture we live here according to the 10 commandments. So I think it is not bad if we do something positive here providing something without sanctions that is borrowing from the [biblical] 10 commandments according to which we live well here, too, without sanctions.”

One St Polten local said he didn’t “know if anybody has the obligation to express gratitude. Everybody has to stick to, the law and order and whether someone is grateful to the country they live in, they have to decide for themselves. If they want to express that they can do so and be happy that they like their surroundings but nobody is obliged to do so.”

Asylum seekers in Austria already have to sign a document stating their will to integrate and have to attend so-called value courses after entering the country.

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