Austria: Interior ministers talk migration after informal meeting in Innsbruck

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The interior ministers of Germany, Italy and Austria, held a press conference in Innsbruck on Thursday, following an informal EU ministers’ meeting.

Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said, “The less we can achieve together on the European level, the more important national measures become. That’s why today is an important day also for the interior ministers of the European Union.”

His Italian colleague, Matteo Salvini, stated “Reduction of the departures, reduction of the arrivals, reduction of the dead and therefore reduction of problems, of economic and social costs of an immigration that we are no longer capable of maintaining.”

Salvini added that he would take pride if Italy becomes a model for the remaining members of the European Union.

Seehofer’s and Salvini’s Austrian counterpart, Herbert Kickl, said that they wanted to send a clear message, that “it won’t be possible anymore in the future, shouldn’t be possible anymore, to step on European soil if you don’t have a right to protection [asylum].”

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