Austria: Transitional government is ready to provide stability – Kurz

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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that the transitional government is ready to act to bring stability to the country, speaking during a press conference in Vienna on Thursday.

The statement was made in the wake of a video scandal involving his former Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache that resulted in his resignation, along with that of other Freedom Party (FPO) ministers.

“Yesterday the inauguration took place, the first council of ministers took place, this government is ready to allow the transitional phase to take place in an orderly manner, and to provide stability in Austria and the capacity to act on a European and international level. Whether the parliament decides to back that or not, that’s not my decision but a decision of the parliament that will be made on Monday,” stressed Kurz.

Sebastian Kurz will face a no-confidence vote on Monday, which was initiated by the opposition.

Last week two German publications posted a several-hours long secretly-recorded video on their websites, in which Strache, his parliamentary leader, Johann Gudenus, and an unidentified woman claiming to be the niece of a Russian oligarch discuss taking control of the country’s largest-circulation tabloid in order to help the FPO in future elections. The purported deal was allegedly made in exchange for public contracts.

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