Austria: Video and FPO’s reaction to it ended coalition – Kurz

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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that the coalition with the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) ended due to a video scandal and party’s reaction to it, speaking in Vienna on Monday.

“The video and also how the Freedom Party handled it, means the sudden end of the coalition. It has destroyed our common work in this government, and also destroyed our country’s reputation in the eyes of the world,” stressed Kurz.

He promised to bring “stability” back in the coming months.

Earlier, Sebastian Kurz announced that the country will hold snap elections in the wake of a scandal involving his former Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache that resulted in his resignation.

A widely-circulated video shows Strache allegedly accepting support in the elections from a woman claiming to have Russian ties in exchange for public contracts in 2017.

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