Bangladesh: Millions join largest Muslim gathering Bishwa Ijtema festival in Tongi

Millions of Muslims arrived in Tongi, Friday, to attend the annual Bishwa Ijtema festival celebrations, the largest Muslim gathering in the world.

Although the date of the first Bishwa Ijtema festival is not certain, it is alleged that the first such event took place in 1946. The festival takes place annually and is organised by the Tablighi Jamaat of Bangladesh.

The festival, which is the largest Muslim congregation in the world, followed by the Hajj, is attended by around 5 million devotees each year from more than 150 countries, with the majority coming from across Bangladesh.

The three-day prayer event culminates with the Final Prayer, the Akheri Munajat, when worshippers raise their hands and pray for world peace.

SOT, Mohammed Umar Farooq, worshipper (Bangali) : “We are here for a noble purpose, the purpose of walking on the Islamic path, that’s why millions of Muslims like me are gathered here from all over the world. We can listen to regular prayers here and we can learn a lot from that. We come here mainly to learn and pray.”

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