Belgium: Macron, May and Mogherini arrive at EU Council summit

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EU leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Brussels on Thursday, to attend the EU Council summit where nominations for the new EU leadership posts will be debated.

The situation in eastern Ukraine, migration and the EU partnership with Africa will be among the many topics on the EU leaders’ agenda, despite the summit ‘s focus on the EU top jobs, as EU Foreign Affairs Chief Federica Mogherini stressed.

“I know that all the attention is [for] the top jobs, but this European Council will also have a very consistent part on our external action, and that I believe is also a message we give to the rest of the world. To our partners in our region and beyond, that even in moments of transition, the European Union remains focused on our global role”, she said.

Macron also mentioned he and his counterparts will discuss on how to address the climate emergency, while outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May vowed the United Kingdom is willing to achieve the best possible relationship after Brexit.

“People will be looking for the UK to do what we have always said we would do, which is to make a constructive contribution as we remain a member of the European Union, for that period of time we will continue to meet our rights and obligations, but of course we will be leaving the EU, and we look forward to developing a close partnership with the EU when we’ve left”, May said.

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