Bike enthusiast builds ‘monster chopper’ in southern India’s Bengaluru

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Interior designer and bike enthusiast Zakir Khan from the southern Indian city of Bengaluru is making heads turn with his latest creation ‘Zak,’ which he says is one of the longest on-road bikes in the world. This 13 foot (4 metres) long customised motorbike weighs 450 kilogrammes (992 pounds) with a top-speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

Footage shows this “monster chopper” bike in all its camouflage-glory, a 6 (1.8 metres) foot long fork, silencers in the front, a skull-shaped headlight and a rear wheel taken from a mini-truck. The proud owner Khan is also seen taking this beauty for a ride on the streets of the city with people taking selfies with the imposing bike.

Claiming it to be the “world’s longest on-road chopper”, Khan said, “it’s world’s longest on-road chopper means you have bigger bikes in the world, there are like 40 feet bikes also and 80 feet bikes also but that doesn’t consider as the world’s longest on-road chopper. I can drive this bike each and everyday, even in the busy traffic but those bikes are built only to show.”

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