Blaze it! San Fran sparks up for 4/20

Tens of thousands of people smoked pot at Hippie Hill in San Francisco on Saturday at the first 4/20 celebration since legalisation of recreational cannabis in California.

Weed-enthusiasts enjoyed their grass as they reclined on the hill’s grassy bank, sharing giant bongs, edibles and blunts.

Steve, an attendee of the 4/20 event, said the holiday was about “relaxing and exchanging good vibes.”

“And a lot of smoking, that’s a given,” he added.

The 4/20 holiday celebrating marijuana is thought to have started life as a ritual of high school students in the 1970s. A group of California teenagers smoked the dope every day at 4:20 pm after school. The ritual then spread and 4/20 became a code for smoking marijuana. April 4 has been the chosen day ever since.

The culture of weed smoking has now entered the mainsteam, after years in counter-culture. A sign of the changing times was the legalisation of recreational cannabis use in California last year for those aged 21 or over.

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