Bolivia: At least 6 dead after military and police operation at Senkata hydrocarbons plant

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At least 6 people have died and about 30 were injured during a military and police operation carried out on Tuesday, at the Senkata hydrocarbon plant in El Alto, according to Bolivia’s national Ombudsman’s Office.

Police charged protesters to try to unblock access to the hydrocarbons plant they were keeping besieged. Some of them have denounced the disproportionate use of force, and showed on camera what appear to be tear gas canisters.

A few hours earlier, tankers filled with gas, diesel fuels and petrol, escorted by police and soldiers, broke the blockade maintained by the demonstrators on the hydrocarbon plant.

The protests in El Alto, a bastion of indigenous movements and peasants who support former President Evo Morales, have intensified in recent days. Since Morales was forced to resign on November 10, 27 people have died in Bolivia, according to the Ombudsman’s Office.

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