Bolivia: Church turns into COVID-19 centre in Santa Cruz

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A group of volunteers, operating under the name ‘All Against COVID-19,’ converted a church in Santa Cruz de la Sierra into a free reception centre for people in need affected by the virus, Friday.

Humberto Coimbra, logistics coordinator, said, “We coordinated with the neighborhood because they called us from the chapel, they offered us the place. We came to have brigades around here and they offered us the place, we did not have a floor to attend to people and this was like a gift from heaven. God bless. Because we are in the fight to save his people.”

Deybi Pessoa, pharmacy manager, added, “[The patients] come and they start to pray because they see the church they pray, they cry, they come psychologically depressed.”

Bolivia has had over 76,780 reported cases of the coronavirus since the start of the outbreak, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Over 2,900 people are said to have died with the virus.

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