Bolivia: La Paz faces food and fuel shortages amid political crisis

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Bolivia’s capital La Paz is in the grip of a food, fuel and transport crisis. Empty market stalls and a deserted central bus station were the obvious signs on Saturday.

Since the ousting of former president Evo Morales on October 20, protesters have blocked the Senkata petrochemical plant, responsible for supplying a large portion of La Paz and surrounding areas with fuel. The result has been fuel rationing, with residents who live further outside the centre to travel for work. The central market nearly stand empty, “due to lack of transport because there is no petrol,” confirmed stall owner Clara Terri.

“There is no food, especially no chicken, no meat, no fish, no eggs… Oil is not coming, noodles, cereals are not arriving, [so] the stalls are closed,” Terri added.

The central bus station has been closed, leaving visitors stranded, including Lucio Guarachi, who has been in La Paz for a week and has “already” been fired because he cannot return to Arica in Chile.

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