Brazil: Long ticket line forms in Sao Paulo ahead of Copa America

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Football fans had to show patience in order to get their tickets for the Copa America matches, as long lines formed at the Latin America Memorial complex in Sao Paulo on Thursday.

On top of a long waiting time, some foreign supporters, such as Carlos from Colombia, faced extra complications: “I’ve been here for an hour and a half more or less, we did not bring the buyer’s ID, and they will not give the tickets without that, so now we are hoping someone in Colombia can send us that document, we are bad now but hoping it will work.”

Another football fan, Thiago, could not stand the queue: “The line is a chaos, super long, I’m not going to wait, I will leave, I will come back next week after the initial game and maybe it will be easier.”

The Copa America kicks off on Saturday, with Brazil playing against Bolivia and Venezuela facing Peru.

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