Brazil: Not ‘little flu’ – 30yo coronavirus survivor shares his story

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Brazilian orthopedist, Victor Luis Pereira, shared his experience of having the coronavirus, despite being just 30 years old and leading a healthy lifestyle, Wednesday.

According to reports, Pereira was treated at the Sao Luiz hospital in Sao Paulo. “I was admitted for seven days, five days in Intensive Care, in a somewhat serious clinical condition, my lungs were very comprised, my tests were bad, but thankfully I got better,” said Pereira.

“The biggest message is that, we don’t get to know who is going to develop the worse condition,” he added.

Pereira stressed that he was “an athlete, I always did sports: weight training, swimming, karate, everything. I have never imagined that I could develop a serious condition like that.”

He concluded that he hoped that his experience would help people realise that the coronavirus cannot be compared to a “little flu.”

According to the latest data published by Johns Hopkins University, Brazil has registered 6,836 coronavirus cases with 240 deaths.

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