Brex-What? Episode 8: What will Johnson’s time in office mean for Brexit?

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Boris Johnson has finally fulfilled his ambition to become the UK’s new prime minister. But behind all the bluster, what will his time in office mean for the Brexit process? Brex-what? is here to explain.

Boris Johnson is sometimes nicknamed the UK’s Donald Trump: blonde, outspoken and highly divisive. But the man who’s just become Britain’s new prime minister has a long political career behind him and his bumbling, humourous persona hides an agile operator. So what will his promotion to 10 Downing Street mean for Brexit? Does it automatically spell a ‘no-deal’?

Brex-what? is back to explain the finer points of the complex Brexit process. A France 24 mini-series of online videos, it unpacks the issues into 2 – 3 minute chunks. Brex-what? is written and presented by France 24 Senior Reporter Catherine Norris-Trent and produced by Valérie Fouace.

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