Brexit: Will MPs vote for an Article 50 extension?

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Observers call it the “Brexit conundrum”. British MPs have voted against the possibility of a no-deal Brexit… and yet they’ve rejected the only agreement on the table… twice. With time running out to negotiate another deal…MPs have no choice but to vote on whether to delay the UK’s departure from the EU. If it fails… Britain will crash out of the bloc without an agreement on the 29th of March. If it succeeds… Theresa May will be able to request an extension of Article 50… but the road ahead will be far from straightforward.SOT David Lidington, British Cabinet Office minister”We need to decide how long an extension to propose and we need to put that proposal to the European Council before they meet next week in order to seek agreement from the 27 member states.”The British government says there could be a short delay until the 30th of June… that is, if MPs approve Theresa May’s deal by the 20th of March… the day before the next EU summit in Brussels. But there could also be a much longer delay… which would require the UK to hold European parliamentary elections in May.SOT Frans Timmermans, EU Commission Vice-President”They need to sort themselves out and once they’ve sorted themselves out, I’m pretty sure the 27 will still be united on the next steps forward. But many member states are saying ‘Yes, you’re talking about an extension but to do what? To what end’.”With the Brexit deadlock looking no closer to being resolved… some MPs have suggested holding a second referendum.But the government has so far ruled out that option… for fear it would reopen divisions.

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