Bulgaria: Protesters hold anti-NATO rally outside parliament in Sofia

Protesters rallied outside the Bulgarian Parliament, demanding the exit of Bulgaria from the NATO, in Sofia, Saturday, while the 2016 NATO Summit was taking place in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

Protesters waved Bulgarian flags and held banners that denounced the Alliance for its military operations in Eastern Europe.

SOT, Marin Marinov, Protester (Bulgarian): “I appeal to all Bulgarian people to block the [NATO] bases altogether, by all kinds of means, so that the NATO presence is limited and sent out of Bulgaria. We will do it that way.”

SOT, Marin Marinov, Protester (Bulgarian): “American supporters gave us free publicity. If some of them – like Anton Genov and that company – weren’t aggressive by throwing stones, attacking others and spilling oil – which put us in a danger and woke up media and the community – the rally of the Wolves would be quiet and still. We would plant trees, go to the monasteries and churches, and then go home, which was the real goal – to meet other Slavic people and talk about what we have in common. We have a lot in common. Even though our Slavic origin, the east Orthodox origin, is under question, the writing and language is almost the same. Our understanding without the need of translators is most essential.”

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