Can Ebola be wiped out?

Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo is declared an international public health emergency.

It’s the largest-ever outbreak of ebola, after the 2014 epidemic in West Africa.
And the spread of the virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo has reached a critical point.
The World Health Organization has now declared this latest flare-up a public health emergency of international concern.
That rare move could boost global attention and encourage more aid.
Almost one year into the crisis, more than 2,500 people have been infected in the region and at least 1,600 have died
The first confirmed case is in the city of Goma. It’s a major regional hub on the border with Rwanda and that’s raising concerns the virus may be spreading beyond the DRC’s borders.
So given the resurgence of the disease, has enough been done to stop it?

Presenter: Imran Khan

Mercedes Tatay, international medical secretary at Doctors without Borders
Derek Gatherer, virologist and a lecturer at Lancaster University
Ghislain Muhiwa, community organiser

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