CAN he do it? Chinese Kung Fu master attempts can suction-lift record

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Chinese Kung Fu master attempted to break a world record by suctioning up 102 cans with his bare hands in 5.79 seconds.

Kung Fu master Li Weijun from the Chinese city of Foshan lifted up 102 cans only with the suction power of his palms, without using any finger, during almost six seconds, footage filmed on Wednesday shows.

Two piles containing 51 cans each were assembled in a local park and propped against a wall, from where Li could stand and place his palms on the cans to lift them up. Journalists and bystanders stood by to watch the record attempt.

According to Li, the tactic consists of simply placing one hand on the can and then, contracting the tendons of the arm.

At the park where the presentation took place, bystanders took their luck trying to lift up the cans.

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