Cases pass 10 million: Global death toll tops half a million, outbreak grows in Americas

The infection is spreading through the Americas: mexico, peru, chile and brazil badly hit.

Mexico last week saw a peak of more than 6 thousand new cases in one day.

Brazil’s daily infection rate is around 30 thousand.

Despite surging numbers in india and pakistan – death rates in asia, africa and the middle east remain relatively low.

We’re going to be speaking to the W.H.O. about the figures

But lets look at whats happening in europe. to start we can see whats happening in one world’s worst affected countries, italy has brought its coronavirus outbreak under control – from a peak of more than 6 thousand daily infections to now fewer than 200.

This weekend, the country remembered the 35 thousand people killed by the virus as evelyn laverick reports.

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Half a million have died. 10 million have been infected. 6 months after the Coronavirus was first reported we look at how Covid-19 is showing no signs of slowing.

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