Cat-ching baby in stair danger! ‘Superhero’ cat recues infant in Bogota

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Astonishing CCTV footage from a home in Bogota shows the moment where a cat appears to save a baby from crawling down a steep flight of stairs.

“The cat that has been part of our family practically since birth, we have been here for a month, a month and a few days and he has become familiar with my children, [he] is two months older than my son,” said the father rescued toddler Jesid Leon on Friday.

The cat, named Gatubela, after the justice league character, translates as ‘Catwoman,’ lived up to its superhero status, by leaping up from the sofa as the child, Samuel Leon, approaches the stairs.

Gatubela appears to pull the child back and hold’s it’s paws up to stop the child getting closer to the staircase.

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