Chile: Flashmob, clashes outside Congress during vote against president

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Hundreds of women’s rights activists performed the popular anti-femicide flashmob called ‘The rapist is you,’ outside the Congress building in Valparaiso on Thursday, where the Chilean lower house was voting on an impeachment proposal against the country’s President Sebastian Pinera.

The legislature voted against the motion which Pinera had faced over his response to the deadly anti-government unrest that has dogged Chile over the past eight weeks.

Footage shows balaclava-wearing protesters carrying an effigy of Pinera, laying it on the ground and smearing it with red paint, which reportedly was to symbolise menstruation blood. The effigies were later set on fire.

Moreover, footage shows the protesters performing the flashmob outside Congress, followed by scuffles with riot police, and arrests.

“We are supporting the constitutional accusation against the criminality of Pinera, who has committed crimes against humanity, systematic violation of human rights … Some of us died, some were injured with pellets, some disappeared, there is torture in some places, for so much that we cannot forgive him. We are supporting this and we make it clear that we will stand in the streets manifesting ourselves because this does not stop,” said Pedro Alarcon, a protester.

The flashmob was conceived of by the feminist group Lastesis and was staged for the first time in the coastal city of Valparaiso on November 20. Since that date, the demos have gone viral with similar acts carried out in different cities of Chile, as well as in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Istanbul and Berlin,

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