Chile: Lima Group seeks ‘democratic, political solution’ to Venezuela crisis – Chilean FM

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Foreign Minister of Chile, Roberto Ampuero said in Santiago on Monday that the policy of The Lima Group remains finding “a democratic solution, a political solution, a non-violent solution for the tragedy the people of Venezuela are going through.”

Speaking as he hosted foreign ministers and delegates for the 12th meeting of the Lima Group of nations, he said that members of the group “believe Nicolas Maduro is the one to blame” for the crisis in Venezuela.

“For that reason it is us who are joining efforts to help restore democracy to the Venezuelan people, restore the rule of law, the respect of human rights and individual liberties,” added Ampuero.

Ampuero said the group, a multilateral body comprised of 14 Latin American and Caribbean nations, has been doing an “essential job” since the beginning of the current crisis in Venezuela.

“We will keep on establishing ties and searching for alignments with other actors in the international field who are also interested in the reestablishment of democracy in Venezuela,” stressed Ampuero.

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