Chile: Mapuche protesters clash with police as Interior Minister Perez arrives in Temuco

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Mapuche protesters clashed with police officers in the streets of Temuco on Friday, as newly-appointed Chilean Interior Minister Victor Perez arrived in town to meet with regional authorities, amid ongoing protests of the Mapuche community.

The protesters were seen breaking through a police barricade in an attempt to reach the building where the meeting was taking place, followed by the deployment of a water cannon.

The Mapuche community has been holding protests demanding the release of spiritual guide (Machi) Celestino Cordova and others, whom the group considers to be political prisoners. Cordova has been on a hunger strike for 89 days.

In 2014, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for arson which killed an elderly couple, but what his supporters describe as political persecution.

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