China: Beijing slams US response to Floyd protests as “double standard”

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China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson accused the United States of employing double standards by supporting Hong Kong protesters and quashing protests back home, during a press conference in Beijing on Monday.

“Why does the US glorify Hong Kong rioters as heroes and warriors while calling those US people who protest against racism ‘rioters’?” said spokesperson Zhao Lijian. “The US blames restrained and civilized law enforcement while threatening to shoot protesters and mobilising national security in the US. US practices are a world-famous double standard” added the official.

He also commented on the numbers of COVID-19 cases in the US, citing a Columbia University study is saying that “the US’s delay of travel restriction measures has caused at least 36 thousand deaths.” “If they had taken travel restriction measures two weeks in advance, 83 percent, I want to emphasise, 83 percent of Americans who died for COVID-19 would have survived,” Zhao added.

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