China: Farmers’ kids plough field of acrobatic excellence

Local farmer’s children showed off their extraordinary acrobatics skills in Wuqiao on Saturday.

The children left bystanders in awe by performing complex acrobatics, including standing upside down, swinging ropes and climbing up high. Children also practiced a ‘Dancing with Meteors’ performance, a traditional element of Chinese acrobatics.

Spokesperson of the local acrobatics group Yu Yongyu said: “Acrobats can be cast in a number of roles. There are both old and young extras. Children start practicing at the age of three or four, so by the time they are seven or eight years old, they already know how to perform, and their lives will be easy in the future.”

Wuqiao is famed as the cradle of Chinese acrobatics while its residents often perform in acrobatic troupes across China. Local children start their acrobatics training as early as the age of three. Older children often practice acrobatics in their spare time after school.

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