China: FM Wang Yi says Beijing supports political solution in Syria

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Beijing supports a political solution to the conflict in Syria as the only option for the country. He spoke at a joint news conference with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem in Beijing on Tuesday.

“China has always followed the international regulations and the international relations guidelines and has always advocated using political approach to resolving the crisis in Syria,” said Wang.

He added that “China has always supported the Syrian people finding the suitable way themselves. As the Syrian crisis is entering a new stage, China is willing to work hard along with Syria, pushing our relationship forward.”

Syrian foreign minister Walid Muallem said that recent unilateral US actions are hampering with the political transition in the country.

“The intervention slows down the establishment of the [constitutional] committee. I mean the unilateral measures taken by the US against the people of Syria including the economic sanctions. These measures put us and China on the same side against this American economic terrorism“, said Muallem.

He added that US and Turkish troops should leave the country to fight off terrorism.

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