China introduces ‘social credit score’ for citizens

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China has begun a controversial experiment to get to know its people better. The government is tracking its citizens’ behaviour, from smoking on a train to jaywalking. If a person’s score drops low enough, he or she could be banned from travelling or taking out a loan. Our team on the ground reports.
Meanwhile, Japan’s trains run like clockwork. Over the course of the entire year, Japanese high-speed trains are behind schedule by only 30 seconds. And if they leave early, they even apologise. This punctuality goes beyond engineering, it’s also cultural.
Finally, we discover a dance group in Taiwan that specialises in hip-hop. Its members wear shiny shoes, headbands, and bright purple basketball jerseys with big afros on the front. None of that may sound particularly remarkable, but their average age is more than 70 and their oldest member is 91 years old.

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