China: Russian official calls for ‘uniform and fair rules’ of internet governance at WIC

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Head of Roscomnadzor Aleksandr Zharov called for the creation of “uniform and fair rules” in the sphere of Internet governance, when speaking at the sixth World Internet Conference(WIC) that opened in the Chinese town of Wuzhen in Zhejiang Province on Sunday.

“Nowadays, when the competition around the world is intensifying, uniform and fair rules of the game in the sphere of Internet governance should be developed at the international level, which will be binding for all interested parties,” said Zharov.

The co-founder of China’s search engine Baidu, Robin Li, predicted that “the next 20 years will be the 20 years when people’s reliance on mobile phones gradually decreases,” adding that “in the era of smart economy, smart terminals, including smart speakers, various wearable devices and ubiquitous smart sensors will go far beyond the scope of mobile phones.”

Alibaba Group CEO, Daniel Zhang, argued that “nobody can stay out of the market and develop independently,” noting that “in the age of digitisation, human beings are united as never before by the flow of big data.”

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Smart, connectivity, openness and co-operation: jointly build a community of shared future in cyberspace’. More than 1,500 participants are expected to attend the three-day conference. Representatives of major technology companies, including Alibaba Group, Microsoft and Huawei are in attendance of the conference.

Some 20 sub-forums will reportedly be held during the conference to address the future development of the Internet, including artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G.

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