China: Washington wants to turn outer space into ‘battlefield’ – FM spox.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying accused the US of wanting to turn space into a ‘battlefield,’ when speaking at a press briefing in Beijing on Tuesday.

She expressed concern that the US had “announced the establishment of independent outer-space forces and continuously carried out war games in outer space.”

The spokesperson warned that “these actions might gradually make the threat of the outer-space weaponisation a reality, turning it eventually into a battlefield.”

According to the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Washington “is constantly playing up the so-called threat to outer space security posed by other countries,” which she said “serves as a pretext” for the US military build-up in outer space.

Her comments come following the US Defence Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) report ‘Challenges to Security in Space’ released on Monday, which included China as a possible adversary in the space domain.

Hua Chunying did, however, praise the US for its openness on the Korean Peninsula and its apparent willingness to facilitate dialogue.

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