Cigarette-smoking skulls don flowery wigs at Bolivian ‘Day of the Natitas’

Indigenous Bolivians from across the country marked the annual Festival de las Natitas, by praying to skulls adorned with flowers and accessories in La Paz on Thursday.

SOT, Esther, Bolivian devotee (Spanish): “We make him give us mass, afterwards we make him bless them, and you can earn money from the crown-flowers.”

SOT, Nicol Mendez, Bolivian devotee (Spanish): “They [skulls] have always taken care of me, they have taken care of my family, we have had illness and went to the hospital and we survived that, family problems, we have survived thanks to them.”

SOT, Teodoro Martin Cerezo, Bolivian yatiri practitioner (Spanish): “We only have this tradition as we did before when our ancestors had faith to their gods like the Pachamama (Mother Earth), as to the only god Inti (Sun God), Maxi Mama, in this way we aslo worship our Natitas(skulls).”

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