Coal runnings! Brits celebrate Easter Monday with Coal Carrying Champs

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Men and women in the Yorkshire village of Gawthorpe gathered outside the Royal Oak pub for the annual World Coal Carrying Championship, held every Easter Monday since 1963.

Men have to carry a 50kg (110lbs) sack of coal while women carry 20kgs (44lbs) over a 1,030 metre (3,380ft) course.

The race started during a dispute between a coal merchant and another man at the local pub. Since then, it has became one of the most famous events of year in the area.

“I am a former professional boxer but this takes everything out of your body,” said Colin Manners. “You have got get up that hill and it’s absolutely murderous.”

The current record is 4:06 for men and 5:05 for women.

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