Colombia: Thousands rally to defend public universities

Thousands of students from dozens of universities in Colombia took to the streets in mass protests to demand higher budgets for public universities in several cities across Colombia.

Footage from Bogota shows thousands of students gathering and marching down the streets, and chanting slogans.

Organisers of the National March in Defence of Higher Education claim that there is a deficit of $US 1 million (€866,295) in unpaid salaries to professors and administrative costs in public universities.

The massive student march brought together students, professors and administrators from 32 public universities, SENA and some private universities.

The government announced an additional 500 billion pesos (US $164,100,000; €142,060,477) for next year’s public education budget, but protesters are demanding an increase to 4 trillion pesos (US $1,312,560,000; €1,136,521,273)

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