DeliverWoof! Basket-wielding Colombian dog delivers food to customers’ homes

Eros, a seven year old Labrador, has been delivering goods in a basket from the El Porvenir minimarket in Medellin to customers’ homes for two years, in exchange of tasty tips ranging from cookies to carrots and bananas.

His deliveries range from eggs, milk and bread to assortments of sausages and arepas, and they have always been arriving full. A GoPro camera attached to Ero’ basket has captured one of these deliveries in detail. The customer, Luisa Lopez, has known Eros for four years and gave an enthusiastic review of his service.

Eros’ owner, Maria Natividad Botero, said his beginnings as a delivery dog stemmed from him bringing things from a ground-floor shop to her fourth floor apartment, as a puppy. Eros’ accuracy in picking up supplies paved the way to his current delivery career. Rumour has it around Medellin that Eros’ favourite tips are bananas.

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