Don’t look down! Tourists brave world’s longest glass bridge in China

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The world’s longest glass bridge was opened to the public at Huaxi World Adventure Park, in east China’s Jiangsu Province, earlier this year. Tourists were seen traversing the structure on Thursday.

Hanging more than 100 metres above ground level, the 518-metre long bridge is reportedly made of special glass with a thickness of 3.5 centimetres; and each pane of glass can hold a maximum weight of 4.7 tonnes. The bridge can support up to 2,600 people at a time.

Seeing the chasm under their feet, visitors from all over the world pay to have the sensation of walking on air. To make it even scarier, tourists can reportedly hear the sound-effect of glass shattering and see a spider-web pattern on the surface while walking on it, reminding them of the possible effects of broken glass.

The Huaxi World Adventure Park’s bridge beats the record of the longest bridge in the world, that previously belonged to another Chinese glass bridge located in Hebei province, at 488 metres in length.

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